Why code?

Whilst interning at the same company, we all had the same thing in common. Whether it was being the backend developer, the designer as an entirety or the hacker. We all had code riding behind us, and here is the start of the code: bros community and the services offered:

Code: Hosting

This is our hosting platform, in which we host all kinds of things. Mainly domains, website hosting with cPanel, emails, and why not game servers too... Configure your very own game server for the games that we host and get a dedicated domain for your server.

Code: Scribbles

Once the hosting is done, you're now half way there. Your business now has to try their best to get noticed get noticed. This is where the scribbles plays with Google's algorithm. Using SEO techniques as well as blogging. We will get your business to the top of the search results in no time.

Code: Designs

This is the platform where we put your 'imagination to paper'. Giving a logo to the business name, an website to the services as well as an email signature to the 'thanks for coming'

Code: Discord

Completely transform your business by using discord for your businesses primary communication! Not sure how it works? That's what we're here for!

We Fix websites

Websites aren’t usually maintained as much as they’re supposed to be.  This can cause a number of unknown problems as time goes by, such as unexpected updates or incompatibility. We provide services to fix any website that is either hard-coded, or built with a CMS system like WordPress or Joomla

From that pesky internal server errors (5xx), random errors displaying on the page, to not being able to see your website at all!

Send us a message and inquire if we can fix your website too!

Website Fixes are charged an houry rate of R250.

Discord for business

Do you need a single place for communication for your business? We provide a fully built communication platform / server that has all the functionality for your business. We handle all the management so you don’t have to worry about those tedious tasks. Whether you’re a small business or fully fledged business already operating with another platform. Discord has become the top communication platform for Developers, Streamers, Gamers and businesses! You have full control. An effective layout can make communication so much easier to manage, share files, share screens or have daily meetings.

Meet the Streamers

Streaming content is becoming more & more popular among the youth of today. We have a whole department dedicated to providing top-notch search engine optimization for all users that partner with us. From daily updates in all of our servers, to live content updates online and direct to your stream. Visit our streamers below!


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